Tibetan bowl sound

singing bowl sound downloadThe Tibetan bowl sound is known in Buddhist practice as a means of support for meditation.
When striking the bowl a certain warm bell high pitched tone is produces but when you apply friction to it with a wooden mallet the bowl produces overtones that spread across the room and the vibration is amazing. It is considered a standing bell and the sides and rim vibrate therefore producing a sound.

The Tibetan bowl (also known as a singing bowl) is a great aid in meditation, Yoga, and sound healing. It is relaxing and can induce a state of trance. The origin of the bowls is the Himalayan region where you can find them in many Buddhist cultures such as Korea, Tibet, Nepal, Bhutan and many more.

I have a friend who is into Buddhism and he agreed to lend me his bowl. I fell in love with both the striking tone and the friction tone. The overtones can pierce your ears if you continue rubbing the bowl.

Recording the Tibetan bowl sound

Recording was not so difficult, I turned on my microphone and set up my computer. The room was quite silent so I started experimenting until I got what I was looking for.

Right click for download WAV,
Left click to preview and listen

Download Tibetan bowl sound mp3 Tibetan bowl sound
Download single hit singing bowl sound mp3 Tibetan bowl sound – single hit
Download himalayan bowl friction sound mp3 Tibetan bowl friction sound

    1. If you are into field recording than I recomend either the Zoom H4 or the M-Audio microtrack II which I used for this recording.
      If you are talking about a studio mic than I know Rode mics can do a good job at the low budget level. I personally like them.

  1. Thanks for your reply. I like what i’ve read about the Rode nt1-a. Looking for info about recording i realized that people is using omni mics so i took a look on the behringer b2 pro…i think this can give me a much more flexibility on recording…what do you think??? thanks in advance

  2. zoom h4 looks very nice, but is quite expensive form me at the moment. I used previous mics but of very low quality. so i want to take a step foward in this journey with nicer mic…that fits in my pocket. Now about the microtrack II it has a similar price to what i’ve post you before..Can you tell me what is the difference between the mics and the microtrack II??? Thanks for the help

    1. The Microtrack II is a field recording mic which means you can take it anywhere and record sounds on any site. You don’t need a computer or even cables only the device recharged and a memory card you put inside to store the recordings.
      The Rode nt1 and all mentioned (except for the zoom h4) are studio microphones and are meant to be used in a studio.
      It all comes down to what need to record and where.

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