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turkey mp3On my sound hunting the other day I had a chance to record some turkey sounds. The local zoo had a special zone for them. They could easily go in and out from that zone and roam about the zoo but they preferred to stay in most of the time.
When I got close with my microphone they started clucking and purring something that made me very happy. After all that is the reason I went down there anyway. (I guess they made sounds of warning to each other).

Browsing the web for the exact terminology I realized I was ignorant to the language of turkeys.
Turns out there are all sorts of sounds turkeys make, and they all mean something. There is clucking, putting, tree calling, yelping, purring and much more.

Isolating the sounds was a tedious task and I decided to leave the recording as it is with a few sound adjustments to make it a bit more clear.Getting closer and lowering the gain of the pre-amp helped me get a great audio signal and I was satisfied.

Download free turkey audio samples
turkey mp3

Download free turkey sounds

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