Flamingo sounds

free flamingo sounds download I never really thought I would get a chance to record flamingo sounds.
These strange and unique birds are often thought of as rare, exotic creatures one would see in far away lands.
There is some truth to the matter but apparently, flamingos are able to reproduce in captivity, a fact that has made them very popular in zoos across the world.

Recording flamingo sounds

So, on one of my trips to the zoo I saw there was a flock of flamingos standing on one leg, waiting for me to arrive. They did not make a lot of noise at first but when I approached the fence surrounding them then a few began to cry out and pretty soon the rest followed and like a cacophonous choir began crying out as well.

Flamingos are quite funny, they sound like a crow but louder and more angry. I guess it is because they make sounds when they are scared and want to alert the rest of the flock. I was considered an unwanted intruder in their zone, so they made some noise luckily for me.

Download free flamingo audio samples
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