Animal sounds

Ah…the animal kingdom, so rich in voices and texture.
 All those free animal sounds just waiting for me out there
fill my mouth with water.

A sonic journey into the wild

As a recording engineer I tend to go out every once in a while to the outdoors with my gear and record just about anything I can hear.
nature is filled with music, and that music is composed of the songs of animals.
Every creature has a unique and original voice and together they make a great symphony.

The song of the birds, the buzzing insects, howling wolfs and chirpy crickets,
all would fit well in my free animal sound effects collection.
This page is the gateway to various animal recordings I made in different locations.
Cats meowing, dogs barking, owls hooting and many more.

To find the specific sound you are looking for, click on the links below:

Free Cat sounds
A collection of different free cat sound effects, high quality original recordings of cat sounds for download. cat sounds wav meow…
Free Bird sounds
Cool and free bird sounds for download. High quality original recordings of various bird sounds, bird sound effects and much more.
Free Dog sounds
Download various dog sounds, dog barking sounds, recorded live on the field. high quality wav. free dog sound effects
Free Flamingo sounds
Download original free flamingo sounds, recorded professionally live on the field.
Free Peacock sounds
Original and free for download, peacock sounds, recorded by professionals here at sound effects
Free Parrot sounds
A collection of different and unique free parrot sounds recordings. Parakeet, cockatiel and many more, high quality audio files by professionals.
Free Turkey sounds
Audio samples of turkey sounds clucking and purring recorded on the field.
Free Goat sounds
Free audio samples of goats bleating. High quality recordings of goats on the field.

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