Bird sounds

birds mp3 download freeThe search for bird sounds has been really fascinating and fun.
I started out by listening the the various birds around my house and in my neighborhood.
That alone gave me a lot to work with. In order to get high quality recordings out of those lovely chirps I had to get up really in the morning.

The reason for that is because birds tend to rise up way before we do and they sing a lot especially. Since everyone else is still asleep there is little noise to overcome in the recording which is great for me.

bird mp3After I got a few good recordings I knew I could use as great sound effects,
I was eager to get more. The diversity of the different birds made me realize the vastness of that species.
I went out to a nearby bird zoo with my gear. I got there really early before other visitors usually come so they would not interfere my recording with their noise.

Some of the birds were chirpy and loud, some were not in a very musical mood and refused to sing but the total outcome was great. I got some really unique sounds and my archive is getting bigger by the day.

Download free birds audio samples
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Download free short birds mp3
Download free short birds WAV
Download free bird sounds mp3
Download free bird WAV
Download free long bird mp3
Download free long bird WAV

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