Funny Fart Sounds

farting soundWell, hello there Shrek lovers, if funny fart sounds is what you are in need of then I have got some good high quality flatulence coming your way. (and I do not mean literally).

Everybody can appreciate a good sense of humor when in comes to the good old fashioned fart sound. It is the classic ice breaker. It does not matter if you are 8 years old or 80 years old, its still damn funny.

So that is the reason I went out there and started looking and recording those funny fart sounds. I began lurking in bathrooms stalls with my recorder. Let me tell you, it was not pretty, but it was hilarious. A lot of the fart sounds I got went bad because I started laughing in the middle of the recording. But have no fear, I have built an impressive fart sound effects collection to share with you.

This is the place to download fart sounds of all sorts, shapes colors and smells.

Download fart sound effects

(Left click for preview, Right click to download)

Download funny fart sounds mp3Funny fart sounds

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