Cockatiel sounds

cockatiel mp3Are you a Cockatiel lover? Do you miss those lovely Cockatiel sounds?
Have no fear, I am here for you and your acoustic needs.
On this page you can find plenty of chirps from one of the most popular pet parrots in this world, the Cockatiel.

These pretty parrots, endemic to Australia are one of the most noisy birds I’ve have met. Especially if they are in groups. If one of them starts to sing, the rest will answer in a choir of chirps and squeaks.

Recording Cockatiels

On a trip to the local zoo, I discovered they had a big cage just full of cockatiels. About 15-20 lovely birds just sitting and prancing around. When I got closer with my microphone they seemed to be interested, many of them came closer and the chirping began. What a symphony, these cute parrots make high pitched cries and answer each other all the time. It took a while for the commotion to settle down and when it did, I was pleased. I was able to get some really good cockatiel audio samples.

Listen and download audio sample of a cockatiels

(Left click for preview, Right click to download)

Download cockatiel mp3/ Cockatiel sounds
Download short cockatiel audio sample mp3 / Short cockatiel sounds
Download long cockatiel sounds mp3 / Cockatiel audio samples

  1. I have a young female cockatiel named Sasha, I have played your sample files for her and she loved them. But I cant figure out how to down load them. Could you please send them to my email so she has someone to listen to while I’m at work. Thank you in advance.

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