The goat sound

So this is Menydownload fre goat sound.
He is my source for the elusive goat sound.
I have to say, it was not easy getting a decent bleat out of this guy,
but in the end he delivered so that is why he is the celebrity on this page.

Recording a goat

On of my trips to the zoo I went to the goat zone. That is what I call the little yard the goats and sheep roam about. The surrounding was very noisy and the goats were not so cooperative. Maybe it was the sun and the hot weather but not one goat made even a small bleat. They all just sat on the ground looking bored.

I tried everything, making noises at them, making faces, dancing or what have you. The goats seemed so aloof.
But then salvation came. It was feeding time and when one of the zoo workers came with a wheelbarrow full of vegetables things started to sound different.

The goats started bleating and seemed very excited. Unfortunately there was a lot of noise. When the zoo keeper and his blasphemous noisy cart left, most of the goats were busy eating and I did not get what I wanted.

Meny to the rescue
But there was one goat who was curious about me. He left the pile of food and came closer (maybe he thought I also have food for him). I extended my microphone and Meny released a beautiful bleat. I was ecstatic, I had almost given up on a good goat sound but Meny had a few more bleats to give me and I was grateful. So this page is dedicated to Meny the friendly goat.

Download free goats audio samples

(Left click to listen, right click to download)

goat audio

Download free goat sound short
Download free goat bleating sound

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