Free heartbeat sound

heartneat soundThe human heartbeat sound is classic sound effect.
It has been used in so many songs and tracks ( Queen –Who wants to live forever?, Massive Attack –Teardrop and more… ) making it one of the most sought after human sounds.

Recording the heartbeat sound

To acquire such a sound I placed the microphone really close to my chest and recorded it. The result was OK to be honest. I had to hold my breath obviously so the breathing sounds will not be recorded.
Later on I had a better idea. I got hold of a stethoscope (a friend of mine just finished med school) and then I put my microphone between its earphones. The result was amazing. The sound was clear and so close! Really cool stuff. It’s amazing to hear the racket our body makes.

I recorded it a few more times in different situations such as after running, after rest, and after walking for a while, to get different sound of different heart-rates.
Sometimes a loose bass drum can sound like a human heartbeat treated with the right EQ and processing. Never the less, is you want the real thing, an original high quality heart beating sound, This is the place.

Download free heartbeat audio samples
(Left click for preview, Right click to download)

Download normal heartbeat mp3
Download normal heartbeat WAV
Download free heartbeat sound mp3 fast
Download free heartbeat WAV fast

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