Howling wind sound effect

One of the scariest sounds I know is the howling wind sound effect. The funny thing is that you hear it a lot during a stormy or windy day. All it takes is a little crack in the window at the winds comes whistling in with this eerie sound.

Having a scary wind sound is mandatory in every respectable sound effects library. Therefore I tuned my ears and microphone to the wind this time.

Recording the howling wind sound effect

On a windy day, I opened the window and the wind came in brutally. turning on the recorder and listening to it I realized it was a racket. Plenty of low frequencies and poofs no one wants in a recording. I needed something more refined. I closed the window but not all the way, leaving a small crack for the wind to come whistling in.
Bingo!! That was exactly the sound I was looking for. A spooky shriek that makes your hair stand. This is definitely what a haunted castle would sound like I thought to myself.
Back in the studio I listened to the result and was pleased. I filtered out the low frequencies to allow the higher ones (the scarier ones) more room, added a large space reverb and the result was a classic scary howling wind.

Download howling wind audio samples

(Left click for preview, Right click to download)

Download scary wind sounds #1
Download howling wind sound effect #2
Download howling wind #3
Download spooky wind sound 4#
Download scary wind whistle #5
Download scary howling wind 6#

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