Funny Sound Effects

funny sound effects

Ok all you crazy kids out there.
I know you are looking for some really funny sound effects to have fun with.
Well I have got just the thing for you. Hilarious funny sound in WAV format free for download. Crazy sounds, free funny fart sounds, free snore sound, beep and buzzer sounds and many more.

You can use them in a soundboard, mix them in music tracks or dj sets. Do whatever you like.
Non stop Laughter guaranteed .

We all get a good giggle from certain sounds, some are cool, some are dirty, and some are just plain flatulent 🙂
That is why i created this page, so spread the happiness around.

I hope you can find here the funny sounds you are looking for. If you have more ideas for funny sound effects I would be happy to hear from you and try and record them and upload them online.

Free Beep sound
Download different free beep and bleep sounds
Free Laughing sound
A great collection of free laughing sounds, both male and female. You will burst out laughing just from listening.
Free Snore sound
The snore sound is a classic, various snores and snorts for you to listen to, enjoy and download.
Free Funny fart sounds
A hilarious all time favorite the fart sound. Need I say more?
Free toilet flush sound
A must have in your funny arsenal, download toilet sound effects

Funny sound effects page

  1. Wow, great funny sounds people, I was looking for stuff like this for a long time.
    Thanks sound fx hunter!!

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