Darth Vader sounds

Greetings Jedi,
looking for darth vader sounds?
Do you find yourself missing the dark ruler’s beautiful voice?
Do not worry, I have what you need.

Ben Burtt (the guy responsible for the sound effects in the star wars series) created the Darth Vader breathing sounds by recording his own breathing in a scuba diving regulator by Dacor. The voice of Darth Vader himself was made famous by James Earl Jones.

Recreating Darth Vader sounds

download darth vader sounds After numerous attempts at cracking the sound chain that led to the amazing sound effects Vader is known for, I have succeeded.
Basically, the Darth vader breathing sound is like someone breathing slowly and creepy in a very small and echoey room. I recorded myself breathing heavily, then using Logic pro I sent the signal through a chain of filters, vocal transformers and reverbs to achieve my final goal.
I am pretty pleased with the result, sound like the dark one has returned!

Download Darth Vader audio samples

Darth Vader sounds mp3
Darth Vader breathing sound WAV

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