Peacock sounds

free peacock mp3Looking for free peacock sounds?
Well, You have come to the right place.
These enormous birds are indeed beautiful to the eye but I have to be honest with you,
they are not the best singers. After listening and recording peacocks for a while,
I can frankly say that can be very annoying.

On a trip I made to the local zoo the other day I got some cool clear peacock cries. Apparently, these strange birds are quite the talkers. They shout and cry all the time. You can hear them all over the place.

Recording peacock audio samples

Peacocks emit very loud pitched cries that are very distinct. You cannot confuse them with something else. Recording them was very easy. You don’t have to get very close to them, because they are so loud. I was lucky to be around them during the mating season.
Turns out that is the reason they were so noisy, calling each other all the time.

I was about 2-3 yards away from one when my recording device almost went into clipping or distortion.
I had to lower my preamp in order to get a healthy sound source.

Never the less, it was worth the hassle. I think I got some really good audio samples. But you be the judge…

Download free peacock audio samples
(Left click for preview, Right click to download WAV file)

download free peacock sounds #1 mp3
download peacock sound
download peacock #2 mp3
download peacock audio sample
download short peacock mp3
download short peacock sounds

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