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download ghost sound effectsGhost sounds are very popular sound effects. No one really knows what a ghost should sound like and yet, horror films and TV shows are filled with swooshes and sliding sounds that illustrate or suggest the motion of ghosts.
Then there is the classic haunt. A howling distant sound of a tormented soul has been around for years and will most likely stay that way.

Clearly I did not record any spirits nor attempted to. Instead I went straight to my imagination and started growling and howling in front of my microphone. At first the result was quite pathetic and bordering funny, but then I pulled out my old FX unit and started playing with the sound, transforming it with all sorts of plug ins and special effects. An hour later things started to sound creepy and eerie. I was quite pleased with my little experiment. The ghost sounds I was able to produce were very convincing. I will definitely make some more in the near future. In the mean while, tell me what you think.

Listen to a short audio sample of ghosts

Download free ghosts audio samples
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Download free ghost sounds mp3
Download free ghost in WAV
Download free ghost mp3
Download free ghost WAV

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