Toilet flush sound

toilet flushing soundsA must have in your funny sound arsenal is the toilet flush sound. Use it as a ringtone, use it as a gag, on a radio show, wherever you want. The hilarious effect is guaranteed.

So many toilets, so little time

flushing soundRecently I have found myself wondering in coffee shops, public restrooms, stores etc. looking for the ultimate toilet flush sound. The one that will make any other toilet sound effect seem lame. Alas, I am forced to say I have not succeeded.

Then I realized that there should not have to be only one sound. I am after all a sound effects hunter. and the more the merrier. Therefore I picked up myself and continued my sonic journey in the realm of the toilets.

This page offers only the first in many toilet sounds to come.

Download toilet sound effects samples

(Left click for preview, Right click to download)

Download toilet flush sound
Download toilet sound effect
Download flushing sound

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