Star Wars sounds

star wars sound effects free downloadStar wars sounds are so famous and recognized, they are among the most imitated soundד ever. Ben Burtt was the sound engineer responsible for creating the sound effects in the series, and there is no doubt he has done a great job.

The lightsaber sound effect was created recording a film projector idling combined with feedback from a broken TV set, and the blaster effect started with the sound produced from hitting a guy wire on a radio tower with a wrench. The sound of R2-D2 was a combination of his own voice (Ben burtt) and an ARP 2600 synthesizer.
He is also the voice behind the Darth Vader breathing sound.
George Lucas knew the importance of sound in movies and he once said that sound is half the picture.
With this in mind have a listen to the sound effects I recreated inspired by the star wars series.


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