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free garageband loops downloadwelcome to the free Garageband loops section. As some of you already know, Logic studio pro and Garageband by apple are among the most prominent music production software available today.

for that reason, we here at have dedicated a whole section just for free Garageband and apple loops. The main advantage with using apple loops in your music is that they are very flexible. you can change the tempo of your project and the scale but the loops will always fit and do the job.

All of the loops we offer are free and completely compatible with Garageband and Logic.
Whether it is midi loop (the green ones) or audio loops (the blue ones), you can rely on us to deliver original high quality music and audio files.
visit the links below to get started and download free Garageband loops / apple loops right away, no registration required.
Piano loops | Hip hop loops | Reggae loops

Hip Hop Loops

When you say loops most people think of Hip hop loops or samples. After all, this is where it all started from. A good loop can make or break a track. This is why I left it to the pros.
If you are looking for great hip hop loops you have to try these guys, Hip Hop Heat They really cooked the good stuff at their studio Timbaland style, Kanye, Neptues and more so try them out. I liked what I heard.

Piano Loops

garageband samples pianoMost people are not good keyboard players. Even musicians who produce music lack the skill to produce good quality piano lines.
The ability to program midi and edit it has made life a little bit more easy but still, even an untrained ear can tell you something stinks if the piano lines sound dorky and childish or the harmony is too plain.

For this reason we have created this page, so you can download high quality free apple loops played by professional pianists. In these piano samples the feel, groove, sound and touch of the musicians brings the samples to life.

The piano loops section offers high quality garageband loops of piano playing. There are piano vamps and chords played open or in a groove, piano leeks, piano bass lines and more. The loops are rich in tone and color and their feel is impressive.

Apple loops can be manipulated and processed to match any genre you desire. The bass lines are fat and strong, the vamps are groovy and come in all sorts of chords and harmonic changes. Some of the loops are not easily manipulated since the pedal was used in the recording, but those of you proficient in midi editing will not gave much trouble making the right adjustments. The BPM is varied and could easily be stretched or shortened to suit your needs. we will continue to update and upload more piano samples and loops.

Listen to a few piano loops samples

Left click to preview in browser,
right click to download

Download free garageband loops , loop 2, loop 3, loop 4, loop 5, loop 6, loop7
Piano bass line loop 1, loop 2, loop 3, loop 4, loop 5
Piano Blues vamp1, vamp 2, funky vamp, reflective vamp1, vamp 2, vamp 3, vamp 4

Reggae Loops

reggae apple loops downloadIn this section you can download high quality free garageband loops in reggae style. Organ reggae samples, bass line reggae samples, drums reggae samples, percussion and more.

every musician and producer knows that reggae is a music with a certain feel and groove to it, and that feel and groove is hard to imitate with midi programming and software instruments. this is where we come in. The loops and samples here were played by live reggae musicians who have their own touch and groove which is critical in this genre. you do not have to worry about the vibe anymore, it is already there in these reggae samples.

The reggae loops can be manipulated and processed to match any sub-genre in reggae music such as roots, ska, dub, dancehall etc.
The bass lines are deep and heavy, the organ riffs are bubbling and warm and the drums sound really good. you have a lot of good stuff to work with here. Use it wisely.
Most reggae loops here are around 68-70 BPM but could easily be stretched or shortened. This will give you more control and room for creativity.
We will continue to update and upload more reggae samples and loops, enjoy…

Listen to a few Reggae loops samples

Free garageband loops – Reggae bass loop 1, loop2, loop 3, loop 4, loop 5
Garageband Reggae organ loop 1, loop 2, loop 3, loop 4, loop 5

  1. I’m just asking for a little step by step guide of how to actually download these loops to my mac and then to my Garage band on my Mac.

    Any help I get would be appricated


    1. In order to download the loops click on the right mouse button, choose the “Save link as”.
      You will be asked to choose a folder to download the file.
      After you click ok, the loops will be downloaded to your computer.
      Then you can drag it to your Garageband project or Logic project.
      Hope this helps,
      The Sound effects hutner team.

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