Parrot sounds

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parrot sound effectsThe diversity of parrot sounds out there is incredible.
There are 372 species of parrots around the world, and it is their ability to imitate
human sounds that has made them a prized pet.

Every kind sounds a little bit different. Lovebirds, Budgerigars, cockatiels and many more, all have a unique voice.

Recording parrots

On my adventure to the local zoo I found out they had quite a few species of parrots. Their colors are great but as a recording engineer I was after the sound!

I was able to record Lovebirds tweeting, some Yellow fronted Amazons, Macaws, Cockatiel sounds and even an African grey parrot.
Since parrots love to chatter, all I had to do was get close enough to get a good audio signal.

Parrots are generally quite loud. On the first few recordings I realized the audio signal was off the roof. These birds are quite loud, when they shriek my recording device goes into clipping. After a few adjustments and lowering the gain of the preamp I got a great audio signal and I was satisfied.

Listen and download various parrot sounds

free Parrot sounds short mp3
free Parrot short sounds WAV
Long sound parrot mp3
Long sound parrot WAV
free African grey parrot #1
free African grey parrot short sound
free African grey parrot #2

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