Human sounds

human sound effects free downloadThis part of my sonic adventure took me to strange and bizarre places. Hiding in bathroom stalls, recording through a stethoscope, lurking at night with my microphone in search of snoring people etc. The life of a recording engineer can be truly strange.
If you want to read about these human sounds adventures and download the recordings I made, you are more than welcome to click on the links below.
Human sounds are an imperative part of any movie soundtrack. They also feature in many music tracks and professional music production, and can be used as educational means and so on. Use them anyway you like.

Free Breath sounds
Download free breath sound of different sorts, slow breathing, panting, wheezing and more.

Free Letters sounds
The complete English alphabet letters sounds, recorded in high quality.

Free Snore sound
The snore sound is a classic, various snores and snorts for you to listen to, enjoy and download.

Free Funny fart sounds
The hilarious and all time favorite the fart sound. Need I say more?

Free Laughing sound
A great collection of laughing sounds, both male and female. You will burst out laughing just from listening.

Free heartbeat sound
Recorded heart beat sounds, a classic in the world of sound effects free for download.

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