scary sound effects

frightening soundsLooking for a good scare?
Well, you have come to the right place. The free scary sound effects page is the doorway to many spooky sounds that will haunt you (or others) relentlessly.

Everybody knows that a good sound effect is fifty percent of the picture, if a movie has a lousy soundtrack that cannot get you in the mood, then it is useless.

Therefore I made an extra effort to give you only the best and most convincing scary sound effects. Obviously, I cannot record ghosts or demons so I focused my efforts on creating new and original spooky sounds as well as the old classic to fit your needs.

download scary soundsTry our scary Ghost sounds or Witch sounds page, they are filled with screams and shrieks that will make your hair stand. Also we have added the howling wind sound effect to get you in the right spooky atmosphere.

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