Cat Sound Effects

Free cat soundsSo I went out the other day to go and look for some cat sound effects…
Obviously, I needed a cat. There are numerous cats in my neighborhood and they are quite noisy too, but alas that day they seemed to be quiet so I turned to Oggi for help.

Recording Oggi the kitty

Oggi is the cat my friends have, a lovely black and white curious little thing.
Oggi failed to understand what my intention was when I shoved my microphone in front of his face. Naturally he thought this was a game. (he always thinks everything is a game). I instantly pulled my mic away because Oggi has a reputation for destruction.

When I did that he started to make some sound. Eureka!! I exclaimed, we have some genuine cat meowing. He did not meow like crazy but it was a start. I managed to get some good cat sounds out of him and I edited and processed it a little for your benefit. So there you go, Oggi is the first star in the free cat sounds series. I hope you will like it as much as I do.

Listen to some free cat audio samples (cat mp3, cat meow…) and download

Download long cat sound effects
Download short cat meow

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